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7 simple sciatica stretches a physical therapist swears by

1 figure four stretch a great sciatica stretch that lengthens and releases the piriformis muscle which runs along the sciatic nerve in your lower spine and pelvis this muscle may compress the sciatic nerve if tight

2 cat cow by using controlled spinal extension and flexion this traditional yoga exercise stretches the whole spine including the lumbar region low back the thoracic region middle back and the cervical region neck

3 standing back extension you can ease pressure on the sciatic nerve by stretching your lower back this works the lumbar spine and the erector spinae muscles that surround it this move is good for people who sit at a desk all day

4 seated nerve glide by pulling the nerve in two different ways this stretch is meant to help it move neural sliding which is also called nerve flossing can help ease pain and make it easier to move

5 calf stretch be sure not to overlook your calves considering that the sciatic nerve goes down the back of each leg calf muscles that are tight may be a contributing factor in both discomfort and inflammation

6 lying hamstring stretch grab a band or cloth and wrap it around the ball of your foot while doing so draw your extended leg in toward your chest this will enhance the severity of the hamstring stretch you are doing

7 glute bridge this functional action requires you to work your hamstrings and glutes while simultaneously extending out your quadriceps and hip flexors stretching and strengthening are both components of this routine