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7 small towns to retire to outside of new orleans

Lutcher originally named for local merchant and sawmill operator henry j lutcher lutcher had its origins as a sawmill town additionally a sugar plantation was constructed here by james mather and his family learn more arrow

Abita springs days of gorgeous landscape including mossdraped oak trees and stunning old buildings await retirees at abita springs situated just 43 miles away from new orleans learn more arrow

Mandeville the name mandeville is attributed to its founder bernard xavier de marigny de mandeville who lived in the 19th century its on lake pontchartrain not far from new orleans learn more arrow

Eden isle with rather good niche scores eden isle is a little village outside of new orleans eden isle located on the northshore is usually regarded as a desirable community learn more arrow

Harahan moving to harahan louisiana for retirement is like taking a vacation to a quiet neighborhood with lots of residences tucked away in a quiet suburban area learn more arrow

River ridge nestled in jefferson parish on the outskirts of new orleans river ridge is a retirement community that draws people with its easy access to metropolitan facilities and charming smalltown vibe learn more arrow

Jefferson within the statistical area of new orleans is the suburb of jefferson the nonprofit louisiana steam train association which is run solely by volunteers offers steam train tours across the region learn more arrow