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7 summer seafood recipes you can whip up in no time

This dish is your best bet if you want to consume fancy food with little effort in 25 minutes it will be ready actually learn more tomatopoached cod with fresh herbs arrow

Think again if you believed that your grill was only meant for steak and pork chops its all about this smokysweet fish dish for dinner learn more rodney scott s honeybutter fish arrow

Psst when breading the fillets you can save time by using bisquick learn more buttermilkbattered panfried fish fillets arrow

Simple quinoa tastes well with the tart citrus and salty feta and the entire dish can be prepared in advance learn more citrus shrimp and quinoa salad with feta arrow

Dinner only requires one pan who are the dirty dishes learn more sheetpan misoglazed fish with broccoli and coconut rice arrow

These scallops simmer on the stove for about 5 minutes yet they taste like something off of a restaurant menu learn more seared scallops with green peas mint and shallots arrow

Serve it with plenty of crusty bread so that the leftover garlic sauce can be soaked up learn more camarones al mojo de ajo arrow