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7 things you should never put in a slow cooker

Its possible that slow cookers are best for rich meat meals but not for cheap or lean cuts lean cuts will get dry if you cook them in a slow cooker so its best to stay away from them 1 leanexpensive cuts of meat

Foods that are frozen should never be put in a slow cooker given that slow cookers work by cooking over very low heat it would take a lot longer for frozen meat or veggies to cook properly 2 frozen foods

In the same way slow cooking works great for softening tough root vegetables like carrots parsnips and turnips but not for soft or green veggies so stay away from soft vegetables 3 leafy vegetables

You might believe it is okay to add dairy or nondairy products at the beginning but you would be wrong for best results dont use milk cream yogurt or even coconut milk in a slow cooker 4 creamy ingredients

Even though seafood tastes good you should never put it in a slow cooker this is because fish and shrimp are often very lean and if you cook them in a slow cooker they will get crunchy or dry 5 seafood

Slow cookers are great for making stews and other meals that need a lot of liquid but you should never put pasta in them this is because pasta can soak up a lot of water and get mushy if its cooked too long 6 pasta

In the same way you shouldnt cook rice in a slow cooker the sticky rice will quickly soak up the liquid making it a mushy mess unless youre making a type of rice soup 7 rice