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7 top grill recipes for the season

Try grilled steak and zucchini instead of potatoes there are numerous squash kinds in season in summer and eating more vegetables is cheaper while in season grilled skirt steak with squash ratatouille

Zucchini is lost in smoothies and muffins so use it to sneak in additional greens this platter has protein and fiberrich turkey burgers with grated zucchini egg and seasonings grilled turkeyzucchini burgers

Blanched green beans sound tougher and fancier than they are a brown sugarandpaprika rub gives grilled steak a sweetsavory taste that complements salad and wine smokysweet steak supper

Besides pineapple rings have you tried grilled cantaloupe cantaloupe season coincides with summer thus summer is the greatest time to sample it grilled cantaloupe and prosciutto skewers

Grill pork chops instead of frying to obtain those gorgeous blackened grill markings and charred deliciousness this dish requires incredibly hot grill grates grilled pork chops with peach arugula salad

Try this chicken and peach combo or your favorite toppings pineapple may belong on pizza but after trying this dish well all agree that peach slices do grilled pizza with chicken and peach

Delicious tacos can be on your plate in just 20 minutes besides making a fresh pineapplejalape├▒o salsa grill or bake everything grilled chili shrimp tacos