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7 tricks for making your wine last longer

Refrigerate after opening store opened bottles of wine in the refrigerator to slow down oxidation which can cause wine to spoil white wines ros├ęs and sparkling wines should be stored in the fridge

Use a vacuum pump invest in a wine vacuum pump and stoppers to remove air from opened bottles by minimizing exposure to oxygen you can prolong the freshness of the wine

Transfer to smaller bottles transfer leftover wine to smaller bottles to reduce the amount of air in contact with the wine choose bottles that closely match the volume of wine remaining to minimize airspace then seal them tightly with a cork or screw cap

Add inert gas use inert gas such as argon or nitrogen to displace oxygen in opened bottles of wine these gases create a protective barrier that prevents oxidation allowing you to keep wine fresh for weeks or even months

Store wine horizontally store both opened and unopened bottles of wine horizontally to keep the cork moist a dry cork can shrink and allow air to seep into the bottle accelerating the aging process and spoiling the wine faster

Avoid temperature fluctuations keep wine away from temperature fluctuations and extremes as they can negatively impact its flavor and aroma

Refrain from shaking handle wine bottles gently and avoid shaking them as agitation can introduce oxygen into the wine and hasten spoilage instead move bottles slowly and carefully to minimize disturbance to the wine inside