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7 unforgettable anime girl outfits youll want to cosplay

Sailor moons sailor uniform sailor moon sailor moons iconic sailor uniform features a white leotard with a blue pleated skirt a red bow on the chest and white gloves

Zero twos pilot suit darling in the franxx zero twos sleek pilot suit is a striking ensemble featuring a red bodysuit with black accents matching gloves and thighhigh boots

Haruhi suzumiyas school uniform the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya haruhis school uniform is a classic choice for cosplay consisting of a white blouse with a yellow ribbon tie

Namis orange onepiece one piece namis iconic orange onepiece outfit is both stylish and functional perfect for adventurous cosplayers

Mikasa ackermans survey corps uniform attack on titan mikasas survey corps uniform is a recognizable outfit from attack on titan featuring a green cloak a white buttonup shirt

Rems maid uniform rezero starting life in another world rems maid uniform is elegant and charming making it a popular choice for cosplayers

Asuka langley soryus plugsuit neon genesis evangelion asukas plugsuit is a futuristic and stylish outfit perfect for cosplayers who want to stand out