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7 “unhealthy” foods that are actually nutritious

Peanut butter almond butter almond butter almond butter its not only entertaining to say but it also promotes fullness and healthy weight management yes the protein fiber and healthy fats in this superspread

Egg yolks high cholesterol scares a lot of people yet studies have revealed that the main cause of declining heart health is saturated fat rather than cholesterol

Potatoes is the ingredients in chips and fries healthy these tubers have several health advantages when they are not deepfried they include fiber and potassium

Avocados with the vital vitamins they include these fruits yes avocados are fruits may build their own version of the alphabet a b c d e k you name it they surely have it

Coffee in actuality coffee is not a food however it is also deserving of redemption coffee one of the best foods in america to get flavonoids may help with cardiovascular health

White rice white rice is often criticized for having a higher glycemic index than brown rice although its not always that awful although white rice does undergo additional processing

Popcorn popcorn is an excellent snack since it is made entirely of whole grains and is rich in antioxidants additionally airpopped types allow you to enjoy three cups of deliciously crispy popcorn