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7 vintage recipes from the 20s worth trying today

Icebox cake a delicious dessert can be served without baking whipping cream and chocolate wafers are combined to make this icebox cake it tastes really good

Pretty duchess potatoes cozy meal flavor comes in perfectly sized eyecatching packaging one of our favorite ideas for a thanksgiving or christmas feast is this recipe

Greatgrandmas italian meatballs our family has been making these simple meatballs since my greatgrandmother started it for these meatballs we use ground beef and turkey and the flavor is so delicious that you wont even notice the additional calories

Parsnip celery root bisque this soup is gorgeous yet easy perfect for fall and winter the earthy vegetables and smooth texture are enjoyed by all add some pomegranate seeds and chives for a vibrant garnish

Divinity candy my grandmother and i baked divinity candy together every christmas i continue to go there annually

Slowcooked chicken a la king this is a delicious main dish that i make when i know ill have a full day and not much time to cook it smells amazing while it cooks and is full of juicy chicken and vibrant veggies

Derby hot browns make this traditional openfaced sandwich with deli or leftover turkey toast and a simple cheese sauce for a simple meal it was developed at the brown hotel in louisville