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7 weeknight dinners you haven t tried yet

Spicy chicken and bacon mac smoked bacon chicken jalapenos and spicy cheese make this the best i use rotisserie chicken and precooked bacon when time is short offwhite arrow

Quick apricot chicken simple apricot chicken is one of my favorites everyone likes it and leftovers are great the following day i substituted pork for chicken and added pineapple mandarin oranges offwhite arrow

Chilitopped cornbread waffles my daughter sparked this cornbread waffle recipe everyone in my family loves chili except her so we made chilitopped cornbread waffles offwhite arrow

Pulled pork parfait my favorite baseball club the milwaukee brewers played at miller park where i tasted this hearty parfait layers of maize and creamy mac and cheese elevate it offwhite arrow

Salsa steak garlic toasts these openfaced steak sandwiches include steak and garlic bread a favorite the salsa sour cream and garnish make it a fast filling lunch you may use chopped green onions or chives for cilantro offwhite arrow

Poboy tacos i misunderstood two ingredients and had to utilize what i had instead of making tostadas i improved a poboy recipe by adding my own offwhite arrow

Cheeseburger quesadillas i made these amazing cheeseburgerquesadilla mashups for my familys favorite cuisine delicious and simple to prepare offwhite arrow