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8 americas best old school pizza joints

Lombardis pizza new york city new york considered the first pizzeria in the united states lombardis has been serving up coalfired brick oven pizza since 1905 their classic margherita pizza is a musttry

Pizzeria uno chicago illinois founded in 1943 pizzeria uno is famous for its deepdish pizza featuring a thick buttery crust filled with layers of cheese toppings and chunky tomato sauce

Frank pepe pizzeria napoletana new haven connecticut established in 1925 frank pepes is renowned for its thincrust coalfired pizzas especially the white clam pie topped with fresh clams garlic olive oil and grated cheese

Di fara pizza brooklyn new york a brooklyn institution since 1965 di fara pizza is known for its meticulously crafted pies made by the legendary pizzaiolo dom demarco the wait is worth it for a taste of their classic square slice

Pizzeria bianco phoenix arizona chef chris biancos artisanal pizzas have garnered national acclaim since the early 1990s using locally sourced ingredients and a woodfired oven

Lou malnatis pizzeria chicago illinois founded in 1971 lou malnatis is a chicago staple known for its deepdish pizza with a flaky buttery crust and tangy tomato sauce

Patsys pizzeria new york city new york dating back to 1933 patsys is one of new yorks oldest and most beloved pizzerias their coalfired oven produces thincrust pies with a crispy yet tender crust and simple yet flavorful toppings

Sallys apizza new haven connecticut another iconic new haven pizzeria sallys apizza has been serving up coalfired thincrust pizzas since 1938 their tomato pie topped with sauce garlic and grated cheese is a local favorite