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8 antiinflammatory breakfasts with 5 ingredients or less

This healthy toast dish features chickpeas kale and feta for a delicious flavor chickpea kale toast

This tasty spinach omelet dish makes a nutritious breakfast in just 10 minutes eggs and cheese add protein while fresh dill enhances the flavor 10minute spinach omelet

You can prepare these tomatosimmered eggs with three ingredients that you most likely already have in your freezer and cupboard baked eggs in tomato sauce with kale

When you make this avocado and smoked salmon omelet for breakfast youll be satiated till lunch this healthy omelet dish is high in good fat which helps to satisfy appetite and the fiber in the avocado helps you feel fuller for longer avocado smoked salmon omelet

Creamy mascarpone is delicious when topped with mixed berries and mint in this colorful simple and healthful morning toast mascarpone berries toast

This twist on a basic fruit drink blends sweet apples and tart cranberries for a fiberrich smoothie cranberryapple smoothie

Add some pesto to your breakfast or dinner be careful not to overcook your eggs scrambled eggs are excellent when the curds are soft and creamy serve with a slice of whole grain bread and sliced tomatoes pesto scrambled eggs

Frozen passion fruit adds a vibrant acidic flavor to this mango green smoothie while fresh kale helps to reduce inflammation dates provide natural sweetness without adding sugar antiinflammatory breakfast smoothie