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8  best foods that burn belly fat

Oats oats are rich in soluble fiber particularly betaglucan a type of fiber that inhibits the absorption of glucose or blood sugar and absorbs water

Barley whole grains like barley have a nutty flavor and a chewy texture barley has a lot of resistant starch which is starch that our bodies cannot digest and soluble fiber

Apples one medium apple has 45 grams of fiber or 17 of the recommended daily intake making them one of the fruits with the greatest fiber content

Flaxseed omega3 fatty acids fiber and the antioxidant lignan are all abundant in flaxseeds lignanrich diets can aid in the reduction of inflammation and the prevention of metabolic syndrome

Capsaicin in addition to being shown to suppress obesityrelated inflammation capsaicin may also lower body fat stores burn more fat when eating speed up metabolism and lessen hunger

Cardamom known as the queen of spices black pepper being the king it was favored by the upper class and has a flavor that is nearly exclusively feminine in comparison to other spices fragrant zesty and somewhat minty

Raspberries these fruits abundance of fiber vitamins and nutrients can help you feel satiated for longer and consume fewer meals throughout the day

Avocados given how heavy in fat they are you might be surprised to see that avocados made the list however this type of fat is beneficial and will aid in your attempts to reduce your waist size