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8 best snack combinations for faster weight loss

Pear with pumpkin seeds during your trip to the grocery store stock up on fresh pears and pumpkin seeds buraks favourite option is this one since it fulfills all the requirements for a super snack arrow

Crackers avocado and salmon for a crunchy salty delight top seedy crackers with mashed avocado and smoked salmon  burak advises us that you can avoid mindless eating by filling yourself up with crackers avocado and protein from the salmon arrow

Hardboiled eggs with avocado classic hardboiled eggs are always a wonderful choice burak suggests eating them with avocado and crackers for a delicious snack that will help you lose weight arrow

Banana with peanut butter a good source of vitamins minerals and fibre is bananas fibre is especially crucial for weight loss since it keeps you feeling full and adds very few calories to your diet arrow

Wholegrain crackers and cheese fibre which is present in whole grains and helps you feel full while adding few calories to your diet is essential for weight loss arrow

Pb and j better than a traditional pbj with a nutritious twist burak suggests going with jam wholegrain bread with high fibre content and natural peanut butter arrow

An apple with pistachios you want a snack that not only helps you avoid overeating at your next meal but also satisfies your cravings for sweet and crunchy snacks without packing on the calories if you really want to turbocharge your fat reduction arrow

Almond butter and mashed raspberries serve a slice of bread with almond butter and greek yogurt blend garnished with crushed raspberries as suggested by registered dietitian kylie ivanir ms rd who owns her own private business within nutrition arrow