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8 best vegan italian pasta recipes

Nanas italian roulade my sicilian greataunt gave my mother this jellyroll steak stuffing and baking technique our family has something special

Homemade manicotti everyone is shocked when i claim i cook my own noodles some of my sons friends were pleased by his culinary talents when he made this meal

Linguine with fresh tomatoes make this garlic and basil linguine to use up your latesummer tomatoes with a salad it makes a light dinner or add chopped chicken for more substance

Asparagus shrimp linguine my family loves asparagus and shrimp it cooks fast and is healthful so we eat it on hectic weeknights

Ricotta gnocchi with spinach every time my family visits they beg me to create this unusual feast a delicious butternut squash spinach and gorgonzola sauce over homemade cheesy gnocchi

Italian meatballs these meatballs taste great with ground beef and turkey so you wont miss the additional calories

Fettuccine carbonara after learning my family loves fettuccine a church member sent us his italian grandmothers carbonara recipe over 25 years ive customized it

Penne alla vodka my husband and i usually serve this simple yet stunning spaghetti to firsttime visitors for supper my pals have requested the recipe years after their first try