8 Box Braid Hairstyle Ideas To Switch Up Your Look - Martin Baker Orthodontist

8 box braid hairstyle ideas to switch up your look

Secure them with a clip that complements your outfit for an elevated look or tuck half behind your ears for a chic lowmaintenance style slick side part

Opt for a middle part to let your braids flow effortlessly enhance the look with cute hair clips for a touch of 70s charm or go accessoryfree for a minimalist vibe magnificent in the middle

Add a unique twist to your braids by adorning them with dainty gold safety pins instead of traditional cuffs customize with beads and charms for a whimsical flair put a pin in it

Keep your braids out of your face with a halfup halfdown style gather the ponytail at the crown for an elegant look and add an oversized bow for an ontrend finish partially pulled back

Elevate your high ponytail by leaving two faceframing strands out in the front this youthful 90sinspired style is effortlessly chic butterfly dreams

Consider cutting your braids for a shorter style before taking them out whether its a super short braided bob or a lob experiment with different lengths for a fresh look lob city

Add a playful twist to your halfup halfdown bun by fanning out the top knot let the ends hang freely or pin them for added structure fanned halfup halfdown

Extend the life of your braids with a stylish wrap smooth down flyaways and new growth before wrapping your braids and slicking down the front with edge control for a polished finish braided wrap