8 Care Packages To Help Them Get Well Soon - Vibe Infusion Therapy

8 care packages to help them get well soon

Cheer up care package in recovery from an illness or a severe physical experience this care box offers thoughtful presents to lift spirits and relax

Tea gift package tea is a classic present for someone who needs extra care this tea variety exceeds shop offerings

Doctors house call gift just what the doctor ordered lemon ginger tea chicken noodle soup butterscotch candy buttons and kettle corn will help them recover quickly

Healthy gift basket its saltysweet taste makes it a fantastic food gift for someone whos recovering but could use some of their favourite nibbles

Sweetstuffed gift box without being there in person this sweetstuffed gift box is as near to a hug as any sick buddy care delivery

Postpartum care box new motherhood is lovely but difficult as she heals this postpartum care package gives her thoughtful calming presents and shows her you care

Foot spa a relaxing pedicure from this foot spa in a box can help recovery a purifying charcoal foot scrub and dry skin moisturiser are included in this cosy present

Like a hug box a candle tea and blanket are in this editortested assortment but the boxes are customisable