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8 chicken recipes that are better than a restaurant

Prune and olive chicken a nostalgic dish from the 80s chicken marbella combines the flavors of capers olives and prunes achieving a perfect balance of briny and sweet

Chef johns chicken and mushrooms with just a few simple ingredients like ground black pepper salt olive oil and butter chef johns chicken and mushrooms comes together quickly but tastes gourmet thanks to his expert technique

Chicken marsala this italianamerican classic features chicken cooked in marsala wine along with sherry butter and dried oregano creating a flavorful and elegant dish serve it with pasta for a complete and satisfying meal

Indian tomato chicken coated with fragrant spices like turmeric cardamom and cloves then simmered in a rich tomato sauce this indianinspired chicken dish is a crowdpleaser its easy to make

Chef johns chicken kiev indulge in this breaded chicken breast filled with a mouthwatering parsley and garlic butter sauce sure to impress your guests with its deliciousness

Poulet de provencal balsamic vinegar dijon mustard and garlic add depth of flavor to chicken breasts while shallots and mushrooms cooked in the flavorful liquid elevate this dish to new heights

Chicken cordon bleu ii stuffed with ham and cheese then topped with a delectable sauce this chicken cordon bleu recipe is a crowdpleaser that consistently receives rave reviews

Bourbon pecan chicken coated in a pecan breading and fried to perfection these chicken breasts are then drizzled with a rich bourbon sauce resulting in a dish thats absolutely to die for