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8 classic drinks to order at a bar

Old fashioned put sugar in glass sprinkle bitters over top stir whiskey into sugar add ice mix again and serve if the bartender shakes or muddles fruit choose another bar

Margarita overly sugary margarita mixes have tarnished this cocktail fresh lime juice tequila and sugar make a good one this recipe needs shaking since it uses fresh juice serve over ice in a saltedrimmed glass

Cosmopolitan the tv program sex and the city popularized the cosmo in the 1990s but this martini twist is still delicious build and shake all ingredients in an icefilled shaker transfer to a martini glass and garnish with lime wheel or zest

Negroni the negroni is a straightforward drink that only requires three ingredients and it is a favorite among bartenders all over the globe

Moscow mule moscow mules are pleasant on hot summer days and popular for a reason the recommended copper cup is very stylish

Martini james bond was wrong stirred martinis are best with gin or vodka mix ingredients in an icefilled glass put in a chilled martini glass pour lemon peel oil into the glass or garnish with olive

Mojito this cuban rumbased cocktail with mint and lime is great for poolside or beach drinking for literary cred ernest hemingway loved the mojito

Whiskey sour an ancient classic this whiskey drink may be the most refreshing in a cocktail shaker mix ingredients dry shake to include egg white add ice and mix again strain into an icefilled rocks glass