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8 days of lunch box loving recipes

Hidden veg pizza scrolls cheesy pizza scrolls with hidden pumpkin zucchini and tomato perfect for kids lunchboxes

Lasagne cups a creative way to incorporate lasagne into lunch boxes ensuring it doesnt come back uneaten

Chicken mayo nori rolls grainfree chicken mayo rolls ideal for a proteinrich lunch box filler key ingredients chicken mayonnaise nori sheets

Healthy lunch box muffins savory muffins sweetened with apple and sultanas a nutritious alternative to sandwiches key ingredients grated apple sultanas flour eggs

Zucchini slice a simple and healthy zucchini slice recipe perfect for a quick dinner or lunch box snack key ingredients zucchini eggs cheese flour

Mini ham and zucchini quiches mini quiches ideal for school lunch boxes customizable with various fillings key ingredients ham zucchini eggs cheese

Boysenberry jam muffins muffins made with boysenberry jam offering a delicious fiber boost for lunch boxes key ingredients boysenberry jam flour eggs sugar

Cheese and vegemite scrolls savory scrolls filled with cheese and vegemite a popular lunch box option for kids key ingredients cheese vegemite flour butter