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8 delicious facts about pizza americas favorite comfort food

Despite the constant debate over culinary firsts you can get a slice at whats commonly acknowledged as the countrys first pizzeria lombardis was founded in 1905 by a naples immigrant and was located in little italy new york

Based on a zippia analysis of yelp and eat24 orders as well as the number of pizza restaurants per capita it appears that connecticut actually enjoys pizza more than other states new york came in at no 11 barely making it into the top 10 the least obsessive state with pizza hawaii

Even though totinos is better known now for its pizza rolls which will always burn the roof of your tongue it was the first frozen pizza brand to gain traction in the united states in the early 1960s

You either really really love pineapple on pizza or you really really dont according to the research a yougov survey reveals that while 12 of americans said pineapple is their alltime favorite pizza topping 24 disagree

Speaking of pineapples it turns out that canada of all places is where this somewhat tropical pie originated according to mental floss a greek immigrant to ontario in the 1960s decided to include pizza on his restaurants menu after visiting the united states

The average american eats 46 pieces of pizza annually with the united states alone selling almost 3 billion pizzas annually do you want to dissect it even more we devour 350 slices per second and 40 of us eat it every week activate the tums

2018 saw competitive eater geoff esper consume 83 slices in 10 minutes just short of 14 sixslice pizzas given his background the achievement is expected other eating records hes held include ones involving brats tamales pretzels and chicken wings

Tom monhagan the creator of dominos assisted in creating the renowned dominos college of pizzerology because he wanted to provide corporate executives with a special indepth training program