8 Different Ways To Curl Your Hair – With Or Without Heat - Martin Baker Orthodontist

8 different ways to curl your hair – with or without heat

Flat wrapping creates wide volumized curls choose to curl your hair away toward or away from your face wide voluminous curls with a curling iron

Flat wrap a 1 ½” section of hair without twisting until halfway down the length to achieve the desired look loose waves with a curling iron

This method gives tight spiral curls with texture wrap ½” sections around your 1” curling iron for this appearance spiral curls with a curling iron

Ribbon curls are tight and bouncey this technique is great since the curls last days and loosen into a beachy wave ribbon curls with a flat iron

This flatiron method makes loose “s” waves like push or finger waves each portion of hair will form a s shape which you will flat iron s waves with a flat iron

Braiding and sleeping on long hair before bed is the quickest way to curl it without heat two or more little braids generate tighter waves than one giant braid loose waves without heat

This technique works best if your hair has some texture like natural wave or leftover curls from the day before beach waves without heat

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