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8 drinks to turbocharge your health in the morning

Warm lemon water consumed first thing in the morning improves immunity aids with digestion and gives you a revitalizing start to the day learn more warm lemon water arrow

Rich in antioxidants green tea has been shown to enhance cognitive performance increase metabolic rate and facilitate fat loss it also gives you a slight energy boost without the jitters that come with coffee learn more green tea arrow

Curcumin a strong antiinflammatory substance is found in turmeric its absorption is improved when combined with warm milk vegan or dairy and a pinch of black pepper learn more turmeric latte arrow

A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar added to a cup of warm water helps improve blood sugar control support good gut flora and facilitate better digestion learn more apple cider vinegar tonic arrow

Similar to green tea matcha offers a longlasting energy boost and is high in antioxidants additionally it has ltheanine which helps with attention and relaxation learn more matcha latte arrow

Celery juice when consumed first thing in the morning can aid with digestion hydrate the body lessen inflammation and encourage detoxification learn more celery juice arrow

Nitrates which are abundant in beetroot juice have been shown to reduce blood pressure promote cerebral blood flow and improve athletic performance learn more beetroot juice arrow

Mix your preferred fruits leafy greens and a liquid foundation such almond milk or coconut water with chia seeds to create a superfood smoothie that is high in protein fiber and omega3 fatty acids learn more chia seed smoothie arrow