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8 easy mixed drinks anyone can master

French 75 french 75 was invented in harrys new york bar in paris during wwi the original cocktail kicked like a french 75 mm artillery fire this recipe uses less gin

Moscow mule one of the most famous mixed cocktails the moscow mule was invented in the 1940s it might be its refreshing flavor or its lovely copper cup

Chocolate martini despite its appearance this chocolate martini is strong yet tasty if desired rim your martini glass with chocolate and add chocolate syrup

Spiked lemonade lemonade add tropical flair with rum in this delicious homemade recipe if you have vodka use it instead of rum

Bloody mary horseradish makes this bloody mary the finest weve tried your bloody mary will be more traditional without horseradish and your virgin mary without alcohol

Fresh lime margaritas adjust this simple fresh margarita recipe to your liking serve frozen or with strawberries put salt on a dish and dip rims over crushed ice serve in glasses

Brandy oldfashioned sweet oldfashioneds originated in the early 1800s this version is popular in wisconsin youll adore these other brandy drinks

White russian this creamy coffeeflavored drink is a star at any occasion and perfect for any season a white russian is equally appropriate before or after dinner