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8 energyboosting breakfast recipes to start your day with

Baked oatmeal with pears arrow this hearty baked oatmeal is ideal for lazy weekend mornings and may also be prepared ahead of time as a healthy grabandgo breakfast that you can have throughout the week

Mocha overnight oats arrow here we replace the traditional english muffins with roasted cauliflower steaks to add more vegetables to your morning meal

Peanut butter breakfast bars arrow this recipe for muesli with coffee drink flavour will give your muesli a boost of vitality chocolate walnuts maple syrup and cacao nibs add a rich flavour to this nutritious meal

Egginahole fried quinoa arrow the ideal toppings for these filling breakfast bars are apples and honey

Peanut butter berries waffle sandwich arrow for a unique presentation we cook the eggs in divots directly in the veggiefilled quinoa instead of frying them or forming an omelette

Green eggs chorizo tacos arrow the foundation for a filling meal that tastes just like a traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich is made from wholegrain freezer waffles

Overnight quinoa pudding arrow eggs and chorizo are combined in this take on green eggs and ham to make a tasty morning taco

Vegan chickpea frittata arrow quinoa and chia seeds are combined in this simple and quick dish to make a highprotein dessert or grabandgo breakfast