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8 essential pantry items chefs cannot live without

Maldon salt renowned for its versatility maldon salts flaky texture and strong flavor make it a favorite among chefs executive chef fernanda serrano uses it as a finishing touch on both savory and sweet dishes

Dates a staple for many dates serve as a nutritious snack and a key ingredient in various recipes chef serrano incorporates them into smoothies for a quick and healthy breakfast option

Stoneground polenta chef suzanne goin favors bob s red mill polenta for its corny and deeply flavored profile she prepares it with chicken paillards or sautéed mushrooms greens and cheese for a satisfying meal

Msg chef de cuisine robert hartman suggests keeping msg on hand to enhance the flavor of dishes with added umami

Worcestershire sauce offering tangy and rich flavors worcestershire sauce is a versatile seasoning loved by home cooks and professional chefs alike

Bay leaves dried bay leaves add aromatic depth to a variety of dishes from soups to sauces according to chef roberto santibanez

Virgin olive oil chef eric huang recommends highquality extra virgin olive oil for its inherent flavor and versatility in cooking

Chili powder chef cedric vongerichten always keeps chili powder on hand for its ability to add heat and flavor to various dishes and snacks