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8 ethnic recipes to expand your culinary horizons

Ethiopian doro wat this fragrant stew features chicken simmered in a spicy berbere spice blend clarified butter nitter kibbeh and often hardboiled eggs served over injera a spongy flatbread made from teff flour

Thai pad see ew this stirfry is a crowdpleaser wide rice noodles are stirfried with chicken vegetables typically broccoli and carrots a savory sauce and a fried egg on top for richness

Mexican enchiladas verdes these green enchiladas are made with a tomatillo salsa verde filled with chicken or cheese and smothered with more salsa and cheese before baking toppings like sour cream avocado

Vietnamese pho this fragrant noodle soup is a national treasure a rich beef broth is simmered with aromatics like ginger and star anise then filled with rice noodles thinly sliced beef

Italian pasta primavera this spring dish is a celebration of fresh vegetables different seasonal options like asparagus peas and zucchini are tossed with cooked pasta herbs

Indian butter chicken this creamy and decadent dish features tender chicken in a spiced tomato gravy enriched with butter and cream served with rice or naan its a perfect balance of richness and warmth

Spanish paella this iconic rice dish comes in many variations a classic valencian paella uses chicken chorizo seafood vegetables like saffron and peas all cooked together in a paella pan for a vibrant and flavorful dish

Greek moussaka this layered casserole is like a savory lasagna ground meat is simmered in a tomato sauce layered with sliced eggplant potatoes and a creamy b├ęchamel sauce