8 Everyday Habits That Put Your Dog In Danger - Martin Baker Orthodontist

8 everyday habits that put your dog in danger

You want your dog to smell like a daisy but harsh or strongly perfumed shampoos can irritate his sensitive skin you re bathing them all wrong

She believes thats a big error because if kids acquire periodontal disease and bacteria builds up in their teeth they can get endocarditis a valve infection like plaque you re neglecting their teeth

These brushes make microabrasions in their skin making them more susceptible to bacterial infections you re using the wrong brush

But how mildmannered your dog is matters more than your styling skills when deciding whether to clip his fur you ve taken their hairstyle into your own hands

Overweight dogs can develop pancreatitis diabetes and back and joint problems including arthritis you re not practicing portion control

Peoples food can make pets fat and spicy or rich food can create stomach troubles you re feeding them too much people food

We wont bombard you with how awful smoking is for your health but secondhand smoke puts your pet in risk and they cant escape it you smoke around them

Dogs that arent challenged mentally and physically often develop destructive or repetitive behaviors you re not playing with them enough