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8 familyfriendly dinner ideas for meat free mondays

Mushroom and lentil bolognese sauce as far as vegetarian bolognese goes this is one anyone would have a hard time saying no to this rich and hearty sauce uses mushrooms and lentils to create a meaty texture and depth of flavor that rivals traditional meatbased bolognese

Mini vegetarian tacos these adorable mini tacos are packed full of fresh zingy flavors and are great for kids parties or cocktail parties filled with a combination of black beans corn avocado and fresh salsa these bitesized treats are both healthy and delicious

Bean and eggplant lasagne this bean and eggplant lasagne will be a crowdpleaser among the family at dinnertime packed with flavor and veggies its perfect for meatfree monday or if youre catering to vegetarians

Vegetarian shepherds pie going vegetarian is no excuse to miss out on this winter warmer classic loaded full of hearty vegetables and delicious flavors this version uses a mix of lentils carrots peas and corn topped with creamy mashed potatoes

Vegetarian rolls with yoghurt salsa verde spice up your meat or vego sausage rolls with a stunning green sauce that tastes delicious the rolls are filled with a savory mixture of vegetables and spices while the yoghurt salsa verde adds a fresh tangy contrast

Mushroom san choy bau this san choy bau is the perfect way to start a meal its a great dish for vegetarians and so easy to throw together for a dinner party or even a simple weeknight dinner the filling made from sautéed mushrooms water chestnuts

Vegetarian chilli con carne this is a fantastic dish when you need something big and full of flavor but just can t face meat it s vegetarian chilli con carne made with a hearty mix of beans vegetables and spices this chili is perfect for a cozy night in

Air fryer vegetable schnitzel with potato mash for a fantastic alternative to your regular schnitzel you cant go past this delicious vegetarian option complete with creamy potato and turnip mash the vegetable schnitzels are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside