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8 famous new york cocktails how to make them

1 manhattan the manhattan which is often considered to be one of the most famous classic cocktails in the world has a history that is just as replete with fierce rivalry as it is with powerful tastes

2 martini the beauty and simplicity of a traditional martini are unmatched martinis the drink of ernest hemingway and james bond have endured popculture acclaim protecting their iconic status

3 cosmopolitan few places get more cosmopolitan than new york city why not toast to its big bustling nature with a cocktail that bursts with just as much zip and snap as the neondrenched town itself

4 the penicillin dont believe the medical name penicillin is as iconic to nyc as the statue of liberty maybe not so iconic like the harbors famous monument this new yorkthemed cocktails roots are clear

5 classic old fashioned few despise the old fashioned a traditional drink loved by many it makes the top nyc drinks list because to its extensive history of taste tweaks and modifications many of which were invented in nyc

6 red snapper bloody mary youve undoubtedly had a bloody mary during brunch have you met its dressedup east coast relative the red snapper after migrating from paris to new york city to work at the st regis hotel

7 the brooklyn one of new york citys most recognized boroughs should have a new yorkthemed drink like its namesake city the brooklyn cocktail packs a punch with rye and vermouth two unlikely pairings

8 new york lemonade newyorkstyle lemonades are perfect for a hot summer walk in central park the origins of this spiced perennial favorite are murky but its tastes arent the delicious lemon and orange flavors