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8 finger food ideas that will be the star of your next party

Beef empanadas indulge in the flaky goodness of these savory pastries filled with seasoned ground beef and briny olives theyre the perfect party pleaser

Cheesy garlic bread satisfy your cravings with this irresistible garlic bread made with soft focaccia its generously topped with butter infused with zesty lemon and tangy dijon mustard

Delicata squash pizza experience a culinary delight with this unique white pizza featuring roasted delicata squash creamy provolone tangy blue cheese onions and a medley of other delicious ingredients

Marinated feta elevate your feta experience with this exquisite dish serve savory feta cubes bathed in warmed oil and aromatic spices perfect for a finger food feast or delightful gifts in jars

Roasted artichokes crunchy and flavorful these roasted artichokes are ready in just 10 minutes a simple yet impressive finger food option for any occasion

Parmesan seeded crackers ditch the storebought crackers and savor the homemade goodness of these parmesanseeded delights made with flaky pie dough and topped with savory parmesan and toasted sesame seeds

Buffalo chicken wraps with this recipe feeding a crowd has never been easier whip up these fullsize wraps and slice them into smaller portions for a fingerlicking good appetizer

Salmon rillette treat your taste buds to the luxurious flavor of this salmon spread crafted with smoked salmon and poached salmon infused with white wine and shallots its perfect for spreading on toast or crackers