8 Food Trends That Are Taking Over In 2024 - Martin Baker Orthodontist

8 food trends that are taking over in 2024

1 hyperlocal ingredients arrow restaurants and home cooks alike are embracing ingredients sourced from their immediate surroundings celebrating the unique flavors of their local ecosystems

2 regenerative agriculture arrow consumers are seeking out foods produced in ways that actively replenish the soil and promote biodiversity leading to a more sustainable food system

3 functional foods arrow from probioticpacked snacks to adaptogeninfused beverages people are seeking out foods that offer both sustenance and support for their overall health

4 global fusion cuisine arrow the culinary world is experiencing a fusion renaissance as chefs blend flavors and techniques from diverse cultures to create innovative dishes

5 alternative proteins arrow from plantbased burgers to labgrown meats theres a growing array of options for those looking to reduce their meat consumption without sacrificing taste or texture

6 zerowaste cooking arrow from roottostem cooking to upcycled ingredients zerowaste cooking celebrates resourcefulness and innovation in the pursuit of sustainability

7 artisanal fermentation arrow from kimchi to kombucha artisanal fermentation is infusing dishes with tangy probioticrich goodness

8 techdriven dining experiences arrow with innovations like 3dprinted food and smart kitchen appliances technology is revolutionizing the way we eat both at home and in restaurants