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8 front porch plants to make your entryway stand out

Who doesnt like marigolds cheerful hues and blooms although marigolds are ubiquitous you may produce a lovely outdoor arrangement by blending their bright yellow orange and red petals with purples or other seasonal wildflowers learn more 1 marigolds arrow

Zinnias have vibrant pink purple yellow white and green blossoms zinnias may bloom from late spring to october in moist soil with thorough soaking and full light in addition to beautifying your doorway these blooms attract pollinators like hummingbirds learn more 2 zinnias arrow

Nasturtiums both mounding and trailing thrive in container gardens where their long flowing branches cascade nasturtiums which blossom yellow to red are easycare plants that thrive in lavishly planted pots and window boxes learn more 3 nasturtiums arrow

Snapdragons beautiful blossoms appear like spring although they bloom from spring until october snapdragons in pastel yellows pinks and oranges look great in cottage gardens and window boxes learn more 4 snapdragons arrow

Calla lilies have bright colors and interesting shapes the sleeker forms and colors of calla lilies make them ideal for contemporary entryways while snapdragons are suitable for cottage gardens learn more 5 calla lilies arrow

Heliotropes a charming little annual may become one of your favorites despite their lesser fame heliotropes bold purple and white blossoms and vanillascented fragrance will give your front porch or container garden a tropical vibe learn more 6 heliotrope arrow

Lantanas grow to 4 tall with brilliant orange pink or purple blooms lantana is a versatile plant that works well in inground gardening container gardens and hanging decorations learn more 7 lantana arrow

Cosmos are great for a feminine appearance or fluffy foliage pinks and white are the most common colors of these daisylike blooms although orange and maroon are also available learn more 8 cosmos arrow