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8 fun facts about coins that will amaze you numismatic wonders

Oldest coins the first coins were developed in the ancient kingdom of lydia modernday turkey around 600 bce made from a naturally occurring mixture of gold and silver called electrum

In god we trust the motto in god we trust first appeared on us coins during the civil war era in 1864 it has since become a standard feature on most american coins

Coinage metal composition most coins are made from base metals like copper nickel zinc and aluminum but some higher denomination coins contain precious metals like gold silver and platinum

Hobo nickels during the great depression unemployed artists carved intricate designs onto buffalo nickels creating unique pieces known as hobo nickels

Ridiculous denominations throughout history there have been some unusual coin denominations including the 20cent piece and the halfcent which were once minted in the united states

Holeinthecenter coins some ancient chinese coins featured a square hole in the center allowing them to be strung together for easy transportation

Edge lettering many modern coins have edge lettering which includes inscriptions or mottos along the rim this feature helps prevent counterfeiting and adds an extra layer of security

Counterstamping in the past coins were sometimes counterstamped with additional markings or designs to indicate their value or authenticity these counterstamps can provide valuable historical information