8 Genius Tips And Tricks To Attract More Hummingbirds To Your Garden - Martin Baker Orthodontist

8 genius tips and tricks to attract more hummingbirds to your garden lined circle

Lined circle plant hummingbirdfriendly flowers hummingbirds visit 10002000 flowers daily opt for begonias sages bee balm and tubular flowers like honeysuckle native plants are ideal for your region

Lined circle consider a hummingbird feeder hang a feeder with a sugarwater solution avoid red dyes clean feeders every 3 days with vinegarwater mixture

Lined circle avoid pesticides pesticides harm hummingbirds and reduce insect populations their food source opt for natural pest control methods like planting peppermint

Lined circle tie orange ribbons brightly colored ribbons attract hummingbirds tie them on trees feeders or fences check regularly for damage

Lined circle use banana peels place overripe banana peels near feeders fruit flies attracted to peels are a food source for hummingbirds replace when decomposed

Lined circle provide clean water hummingbirds need hydration set up shallow water sources or misters clean birdbaths frequently for safe drinking water

Lined circle offer shelter plant shrubs and trees for resting and nesting spots create a safe space free from predators and pesticides

Lined circle keep pets away cats are common predators of hummingbirds keep pets indoors or away from hummingbird areas to attract these delicate birds