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8 hairsmoothing products and tips you need to try

Start in the shower smooth hair begins in the shower with the right shampoo and conditioner our top hairsmoothing shampoos and conditioners will get your mane in shape

Forgo knots and tangles the loréal kids burst of sweet pear tangle tamer for all hair types sprayon conditioner detangles hair quickly

Turn down the dial shampooing with the appropriate products is vital but so is water temperature dry hair can result from hot water stripping it of its natural oils

Grab a leavein conditioner leavein conditioners soften hair and provide extra care these hair products hydrate and detangle for easy style

Use a hairsmoothing treatment a good hair treatment can also smooth strands consider using loréal paris elvive smooth intense frizz taming serum everyday

Reach for a lamellar water the rinseout loréal paris elvive 8 second wonder water lamellar hair treatment uses lamellar technology to work in eight seconds

Turn up the heat hot tools may help you get silky hair specifically your flat iron it eliminates frizz and flyaways by smoothing and straightening hair

Fight off the elements our best hairsmoothing tips are useless if you dont know how to keep them for healthy strands you must play your cards well