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8 healthy energy balls made without dates

Peanut butter energy balls these nutritious energy balls with chocolate and peanut butter provide a blend of simple and complex carbs to keep you going anytime you need a little pickmeup

Caramel delight energy balls instead of using flour and sugar they combine chewy caramel dark chocolate and toasted coconut with oats which are high in fiber

Peanut butter blueberry energy balls these nutritious energy balls which are prepared with chocolate dried blueberries and peanut butter provide a balance of simple and complex carbs

Sticky buninspired energy balls theres just the perfect amount of sweetness and spice in this energy ball we added a caramel pecan coating for a wonderful additional crunch to truly make it resemble a sticky bun

Blueberrypecan energy balls cacao nibs combined with dried blueberries and pecans make a delicious chocolate treat any time of day while the cacao has a little more bitterness than chocolate

Crispy peanut butter balls four easy ingredients are all you need to produce healthy crispy peanut butter balls that will appeal to both adults and children

Apricotginger energy balls you may get a fast burst of energy whenever you need it with this simple energy ball made of natural materials the coconut and oats are held together by honey and dried apricots

Smores energy balls all the tastes of a beloved campfire snack are seamlessly integrated into these proteinrich twobite nibbles a little marshmallow is nestled in the middle of the foundation mixture