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8 healthy foods that lift your mood

Fatty fish your body cannot create omega3 fatty acids on its own so you have to get them through your diet omega3 fatty acids are an essential type of lipids arrow

Dark chocolate chocolate has a lot of chemicals that improve mood  because sugar acts as a rapid supply of energy for the brain it may elevate mood arrow

Fermented foods kombucha sauerkraut yogurt kefir kimchi and other fermented foods may help with gut health and mood arrow

Bananas you can make someone smile by giving them a banana  they have a lot of vitamin b6 which is important for the synthesis of feelgood neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine arrow

Oats a whole grain that can lift your spirits throughout the morning is oats they are delicious in granola oatmeal muesli and overnight oats among other recipes arrow

Berries a diet high in antioxidants may help control inflammation linked to depression and other mood disorders while the exact process is unknown arrow

Nuts and seeds nuts and seeds are rich in fiber good fats and plantbased proteins nuts such as walnuts cashews peanuts and pumpkin sesame and sunflower seeds are other great sources arrow

Coffee coffees caffeine increases alertness and attention by blocking the brain receptors that cause fatigue adenosine a naturally occurring chemical arrow