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8 healthy lowcalorie mixers for every kind of cocktail

Q mixers light tonic water tonic water is more than simply h2o despite its name sugar typically high fructose corn syrup and quinine give most tonic waters their characteristic flavour

Modica tart cherry old fashioned superfood cocktail mix is there a more sophisticated drink than an old fashioned bitters water whisky and an orange slice and maraschino cherry are what you need to make this popular cocktail

Betty buzz meyer lemon club soda dont know what all the fuss is about were here to tell you blake lively an actress started betty buzz which sells canned nonalcoholic drinks that are great for mixing or drinking on their own

Fever tree light margarita mix people love to drink margaritas with chips and guacamole on cinco de mayo or any other time but theyre not known for being healthy most of them have a lot of sugar and calories

Avec drinks spiced mango passionfruit mixer with is french for with but the spiced mango and passionfruit mixer from avec drinks doesnt have any booze or a lot of sugar you can drink it with your favourite tequila mezcal or rum because it tastes very fruity

Drink sayso skinny cardamom paloma the mixers from sayso are a little different an infusible cocktail sachet which looks a lot like a tea bag is put in your drink at the beginning steep for three minutes in your favourite cold liquor and its done

Hella cocktail co bitters soda grapefruit make a mocktail or a fruity cocktail with this canned drink hella cocktail cos grapefruit bitters and soda has 5 calories per 12ounce can therefore it wont make any cocktail highcalorie

Bittermilk no 2 tom collins mix with elderflower hops the fact that bittermilks no2 tom collins mix with elderflower and hops comes in a cute oldfashioned medicine bottle is one reason why i love it another reason is that it only has natural ingredients