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8 incredible virtual hiking trails from around the world

Bryce canyon national park utah there is no doubt that covid19 increased visitation to national parks you may still explore the distinctive red cliffs of bryce canyon though if youd rather avoid the heavier crowds

Giant s causeway uk this quick virtual tour of giants causeway is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking sights of this unusual terrain at dusk stroll among the columns of basalt rock while taking in the sound of the surf breaking below

Godrevy lighthouse cornwall uk walk to the godrevy lighthouse for a little over an hour taking in the stunning cornwall landscape youll make a stop at mutton cove along the route to see a seal colony up close

Great wall of china china discover hidden details about this incredible architectural achievement by taking a stroll around the great wall of china even though the walls entire length spans multiple northern chinese regions over more than 3000 miles

Havasu falls arizona it used to be necessary to make a reservation and spend a few nights under the stars in order to trek on havasupai tribal lands but now days you can do it virtually

Hoh rain forest in olympic national park washington the hall of mosses trail 08 miles and the spruce nature trail 12 miles are two short nature paths that you can stroll along in this 40minute film

Indian beach trail oregon go hiking on the wellliked indian beach trail in ecola state park to escape to the oregon coast you may take a sunny onehour virtual trek along the untamed oregon coast

Juan de fuca trail vancouver island canada take a 40minute virtual stroll along the first section of vancouver islands stunning coast trail