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8 killer hairstyles for short hair over 50

Simple layered bob simple or traditional bobs are elegant for over50s it frames the face with its jawdropping length and easy care with a round brush you can look young and stylish

Rounded bob consider the rounded bob for a softer style that highlights features balanced curves suit angular faces you can polish with a big brush gently blowdry your hair with serum for luster and manageability

Sideparting bob those seeking refinement without effort will love the sideparted bob add volume and style with layers and a lengthy fringe

Curly or permed bob for a unique look add curls or a perm to your bob mild heatless curlers and lowmaintenance perms consult your hair stylist about chemical treatment risks

Bob blowout get a salon blowout for a reward the volume and bounce of this haircut make your bob glamorous you feel confident and pampered with a professional blowout on any bob

Textured long bob a textured long bob creates a tousled look this haircut suits all hair types it may be styled with moose or wax for variety this lets you easily alter your look

Bluntcut bob precision and elegance define a bluntcut bob for fine hair straighten after blowdrying and cut often to keep it short bold colors highlight the bobs lines

Straight long bob straight long bobs are trendy and simple perfect for naturally straight hair heat styling should be minimized to protect hair use your natural texture for style