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8 largest spiders in the world ranked

At 62 oz 175 g the goliath birdeater theraphosa blondi is the largest spider in the world in terms of mass goliath birdeater 12 inches

The largest spider is the goliath birdeater however the gigantic huntsman heteropoda maxima is typically larger and has longer legs giant huntsman spider 12 inches

Lesiodora parahybana the brazilian salmon pink birdeater is the third largest spider and is only one inch smaller than the largest spider brazilian salmon pink birdeater 11 inches

If you are looking for giant spiders you should definitely go to south america an other huge species is grammastola anthracina grammostola anthracina 10 inches

You could maintain a colombian giant tarantula or colombian giant redleg  for household pest control because they consume mice lizards and huge insects colombian giant tarantula 68 inches

Due to deforestation in sri lanka the facesized tarantula poecilotheria rajaei has adapted and is now able to live in abandoned structures facesized tarantula 8 inches

The natural history museum in london is home to the sole surviving example of the hercules baboon spider which was discovered around a century ago in nigeria hercules baboon spider 8 inches

The camel spider or order solfigae is a desertdwelling insect that is frequently camelcolored camel spider 6 inches