8 Medium Length Natural Hairstyles For Bright And Stylish Ladies - Martin Baker Orthodontist

8 medium length natural hairstyles for bright and stylish ladies

Twist out achieve defined curls by twisting sections of your hair and allowing them to set

Bantu knots these knots known as bantu knots arent just a styling choice theyre a pathway to stunning curls

Braided updo elevate your style with meticulously woven braids crafted into a sophisticated updo

Faux hawk embrace edgy style with a faux hawk created by pinning the sides of your hair upward

Pineapple ponytail gather your curls at the top of your head for a playful and voluminous ponytail

Box braids opt for protective styling with box braids versatile and chic for any occasion

Flat twist crown frame your face with a crown of flat twists adding sophistication to your look

Fishtail braid elevate your braiding game with a stylish fishtail braid perfect for a trendy look