8 Most Popular Hairstyles For Women With Long Hair To Try In 2024 - Martin Baker Orthodontist

8 most popular hairstyles for women with long hair to try in 2024

Sleek high ponytail elevate your style with a sleek high ponytail perfect for round or oval faces gather hair at the crown secure with an elastic and wrap a strand around to conceal the band

Half up side braid combine charm and practicality with a half up side braid ideal for long hair braided sides keep hair neat while showing off your locks

3strand braid opt for elegance with a classic 3strand braid perfect for quick styling of long hair secure with an elastic band for a timeless look

Braided crown achieve grecian elegance with a stunning braided crown hairstyle create braids using the waterfall technique and wrap around your head for a regal effect

Dutch braid embrace the dutch braid for a chic workoutfriendly look weave hair over the sides instead of under for added volume and finish with a loose effect

Tribal boho experiment with captivating tribal boho hairstyles featuring intricate braids and curls for long hair

Messy updo upgrade your bun with fishtail braids for a chic messy updo wrap braids around the bun for added flair

Waterfall crown braid embrace boho chic with a waterfall crown braid create waterfall braids and merge them into a fishtail braid for an elegant finish