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8 new chicken recipes youll want to make for dinner tonight

Cheesy asparagus chicken cutlets deliver 32 grams of protein a creamy cheese sauce with tendercrisp asparagus covers chicken cutlets in this springinspired weekday supper snap peas or green beans may replace asparagus in steamed dishes

Crispy pesto chicken with whipped feta tomatoes crispy pesto chicken cutlets with juicy burst tomatoes and creamy whipped feta find brined feta cheese and crush it by hand for optimal results

Sheetpan crispy chicken tacos filling and baking these sheet panbaked chicken tacos gives them a crunchy surface and melty center the ideal companion is creamy avocado crema with fresh cilantro

Skillet bruschetta chicken is the highprotein dinner you ve been waiting for this skillet chicken bruschetta is a delightful twist on a classic we use proteinpacked chicken cutlets instead of toasted bread inspired by the italian appetizer

These easy meatballs pack all the delicious flavors of chicken piccata chicken piccata meatballs are a delicious take on the italian staple instead of chicken breast cutlets these meatballs are ground chicken seasoned with lemon herbs and parmesan

Lemonherb roasted chicken this vibrant zesty lemonherb roasted chicken will brighten up your weeknights the buttery tangy sauce is poured on top of lemon slices in the pan that release their juice

Creamy chicken cauliflower rice casserole tender chicken thighs are baked atop creamy cauliflower rice with juicy mushrooms in this proteinrich oneskillet supper halved bonein chicken breasts may replace chicken thighs which are fast

Slowcooker marry me chicken with barley youll enjoy this quick marry me chicken with chicken and julienned sundried tomatoes in a creamy sauce our version has cherry tomatoes zucchini