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8 of the most dangerous foods from around the world

Fugu pufferfish japan fugu or pufferfish contains tetrodotoxin a potent neurotoxin that can be lethal if not removed properly during preparation

Ackee fruit jamaica ackee is a tropical fruit native to jamaica but its seeds and unripe fruit contain hypoglycin a and hypoglycin b toxins that can cause jamaican vomiting sickness if ingested

Casu marzu sardinia italy casu marzu is a traditional sardinian cheese that contains live insect larvae maggots while the cheese itself is not inherently toxic consuming it

Sannakji live octopus south korea sannakji is a korean dish consisting of live octopus tentacles that are chopped and served immediately

Fesikh egypt fesikh is a traditional egyptian dish made from fermented salted fish typically eaten during the spring festival of sham elnessim improper fermentation can lead to botulism poisoning

Giant bullfrog namibia in namibian cuisine giant bullfrogs are considered a delicacy but consuming them can pose risks of bacterial contamination and infection

Cassava africa south america asia cassava also known as yuca or manioc is a starchy root vegetable that contains cyanogenic glycosides compounds that can release cyanide when ingested

Elderberry worldwide elderberries are small dark purple berries commonly used in jams wines and herbal remedies