8 Plants That Attract Beautiful Bluebirds To Your Yard Enhance Your Garden With Natures Beauty - Primo Pest Control

8 plants that attract beautiful bluebirds to your yard enhance your garden with natures beauty

Eastern red cedar juniperus virginiana bluebirds are attracted to the berries produced by eastern red cedar trees these trees also provide nesting sites and cover for bluebirds learn more arrow

Serviceberry amelanchier spp serviceberry shrubs produce small sweet berries that are favored by bluebirds they also offer lovely spring blooms making them an attractive addition to any garden learn more arrow

Elderberry sambucus spp elderberry bushes produce clusters of small dark purple berries that are highly attractive to bluebirds they also provide cover and nesting sites for these birds learn more arrow

American holly ilex opaca american holly trees produce red berries that persist through the winter providing a valuable food source for bluebirds when other berries are scarce learn more arrow

Virginia creeper parthenocissus quinquefolia virginia creeper vines produce small dark blue berries that are appealing to bluebirds they also provide dense cover for nesting and roosting learn more arrow

Blackberry rubus spp blackberry bushes produce sweet juicy berries that bluebirds enjoy planting these bushes along the edges of your yard or garden can attract bluebirds to your property learn more arrow

Sumac rhus spp sumac shrubs produce clusters of bright red berries that persist through the winter attracting bluebirds when other food sources are limited learn more arrow

Sunflower helianthus spp sunflowers produce large nutritious seeds that are popular with bluebirds planting sunflowers in your garden can provide a valuable food source for these birds especially during the fall and winter months learn more arrow