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8 ponytail hairstyles from sleek and simple to bold and intricate

Dreaming of a big ponytail for inspiration celebrity hairdresser marissa marino suggests kate beckinsale kate beckinsale has this look down she says start by curling your hair with a 125 curling iron to get the look learn more the voluminous pony arrow

In this bow age rachel brosnahans golden globes red bow ponytail is admirable celebrity hairdresser and t3 stylist ambassador bridget brager believes rachels ponytails length and back placement stand out learn more the statement bow pony arrow

The kardashians and gabrielle union have popularized slickedback hair for years larry sims celebrity hairdresser and flawless by gabrielle union cofounder says i love a slickedback ponytail with the added drama of long learn more the slickedback ultralong pony arrow

Never mind sleek the high straight pony on paris hilton appears lacquered amika expert stylist stylist collective member eric vaughn recommends flat ironing your hair he recommends the amika confidante styler 150 learn more the lacquered voluminous pony arrow

Low ponytails and side parts return i love how a side part frames the face marino explains marino advises choosing your component to attain taylor hills clean classic style from the roots to the nape of your neck smooth your hair learn more the sidepart low pony arrow

This style has been popular in recent years she explains she suggests sectioning bangs or faceframing strands at home to accomplish the effect after trimming them she recommends brushing the remainder of your hair into a high ponytail learn more the middlepart pony arrow

Margot robbies prim and tidy pony during a nyc jaunt is an excellent illustration of how minor detail can make a huge effect says brager margots high ponytail and side parting are perfect for a polished look learn more the flirty flip arrow

Marino thinks jenny slates wavy bun is another ponytailfriendly hairdo marino claims her style suits naturally curly hair on nonwash days spray a lightweight leavein conditioner on your hair and comb it from roots to ends to get the effect learn more the curly pony arrow