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8 potato soup recipes with broccoli cheddar dashi and more

Emily nunn a culinary writer has created a recipe that is both crowdpleasing and adjustable at its core the dishs ingredients are yukon gold potatoes leeks celery and chicken stock potato leek soup

You can make a lively and warm soup in only one hour by combining starchy baked potatoes acidic cheddar and crisp bacon if you combine these ingredients potato and cheddar cheese soup

With the use of dashi and soy sauce chef shota nakajima transforms leftover mashed potatoes that are buttery into a soup that is both soothing and savory creamy mashed potato soup with dashi

This soup is made by cooking broccoli stems with potatoes and then pureeing them to create a creamy base the soup also has broccoli florets which provide a textural contrast and parmesan cheese which adds a savory flavor broccoli and potato soup

Edna lewis and scott peacock two of the most renowned chefs in the south used turnips and russet potatoes to create a thicker consistency for this dairyfree and light root vegetable soup silken turnip and potato soup

Robby melvin the person responsible for creating this recipe utilizes russet potatoes to make this opulent and delectable potato soup it also includes cheddar cheese onions sour cream and crispy potato skins loaded potato soup

There are three and a half pounds of sweet potatoes that melissa clark the author of the cookbook skins in order to make this aromatic soup that is spiced with thai curry paste and three different kinds of coconut sweet potato coconut soup with thai curry

In order to create a substantial bowl of soup that is ideal for a cold day this soup that is based on chicken broth requires one pound of sirloin steak that has been thinly sliced and one pound of baked potatoes that have been diced steak and potato soup