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8 practical tips to stop hair shedding

Hair troubles generally stem from our washing regimen too much or too little cleansing might cause hair loss our scalp loses natural oils when we overclean this may cause dry itchy flak y scalp and hair follicle loss learn more analyze your cleansing routine arrow

We highly suggest keratin but were not talking about chemicalladen straightening procedures gisous hair repair serum contains plantbased keratin learn more incorporate keratin into your routine arrow

Our scalp microbiota affects hair growth and wellness unbalanced hair follicles become blocked and unhealthy an effective scalp treatment can balance the microbiota nourish the skin and hair follicles and control sebum production learn more try a scalp treatment arrow

Anyone with greater hair loss should use a hair mask weekly and a scalp treatment to reset the deck hair masks offer prolonged absorption of nutrie nts for healing learn more use a hair mask regularly arrow

Healthy fats like omega 3s from nuts and fish may thicken hair and prevent inflammation this is a terrific “how to stop my hair from shedding” sin ce it improves health learn more prioritize a healthy diet and lifestyle arrow

Controlling cortisol affects sebum production and hair loss stress hormone cortisol hair loss is frequent with high cortisol levels reducing stress with relaxation methods a good diet and lifestyle helps r educe oil and hair loss learn more manage your stress arrow

Hair loss is caused by more than hormones and products strict braids buns and ponytails might pull our base hair checking your hair tie while pulling it out might indicate a tight style is there hair surrounding it learn more avoid tight hairstyles arrow

Have you tried brushing your hair from the top down after showering continuing to brush will generate a more tangled tangle starting from the bottom and moving up deta ngles hair more gently learn more detangle from the bottom up arrow